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§10:11 Annual Eff‌icacy Report by DMV
§10:12 Explaining Drunk Driving Punishment to the Client
§10:21 VC §23140 (Under 21 While .05% or Higher or Affected by Alcohol)
§10:22 PC §§192(c)(3) and 191.5: Veh. Manslaughter Intoxicated: Punishment and DMV Action
§10:22.1 Jail or Prison Time
§10:22.2 Driving Privilege
§10:22.3 Auto Forfeiture
§10:22.4 Other Consequences of Conviction
§10:23 Punishment for DUI
Figure 10-1.1: Current DUI Punishment Chart (offense dates January 1, 2019 and later)
Figure 10-1.2: DUI Punishment Chart (offense dates January 1, 2011to December 31, 2018)
Figu re 10-1.3: DUI Punishment Chart (offense dates September 20, 2005 to December 31, 2010)
§10:23.1 Punishment for Reckless Driving and Drunk Boating
§10:23.2 Punishment for Zero Tolerance (Under 21 and DUI Probationers)
§10:24 DUI License Suspensions and Revocations; Restriction Eligibility
§10:24(a) First Offense VC §23152 Conviction
§10:24(b) Second Offense VC §23152 Conviction
§10:24(c) Third Offense VC §23152 Conviction
§10:24(d) Fourth (or More) Offense VC §23152 Conviction
§10:24(e) First Offense VC §23153 Conviction
§10:24(f) Second Offense VC §23153 Conviction With One Prior
§10:24(g) Third (or More) VC §23153 Conviction
§10:24 (h) VC § 23152 or 23153 Conviction With Prior Punished As A Felony Under
VC §23550.5
§10.24(i) Reckless Driving (VC § 23103 and 23103/23103.5)
§10:24.1 Zero-Tolerance Suspension Law for VC §§23152 and 23153 Probationers
§10:24.2 Court’s Separate Authority to Restrict, Suspend, or Revoke Driving Privilege
§10:24.2(a) Court Authorized to Impose 10-Year Revocation for
Specif‌ied Multiple Offenders (Effective January 1, 2012)
§10:24.3 Correcting Errors and Getting Credits
§10:25 Probation Length and Standard Terms
§10:25.1 Imposition of Sentence Suspended (ISS) vs. Execution of Sentence
Suspended (ESS)
§10:25.2 Modif‌ication of Probation Terms
§10:25.3 Defendant’s Rejection of Probation
California Drunk Driving Law 10-2
§10:25.4 Court Must Consider Conditions Suffered from Military Service
§10:26 Additional Punishment and Probation Terms
§10:26.1 Enhancement Allegations Are Assumed to Be Strikeable
§10:26.2 First Offender and Multiple Offender DUI Programs
§10:26.3 Multiple Offender Work/DUI Program Restricted Driver’s License
§10:26.4 48 Hours Behind Bars for Multiple Offenders, or Community Service
§10:26.5 Alcohol Test Result 0.15% or Higher and/or Chemical Test Refusal
§10:26.6 Alcohol Test Result 0.20% or Higher and/or Chemical Test Refusal
§10:26.6.1 PC §148(a)(1) Prosecution For Refusal
§10:26.7 Reckless Driving and Speeding
§10:26.8 Highway Construction or Maintenance Zone
§10:26.9 Alcohol Education Penalty Assessment
§10:26.10 Alcohol and Drug Problem Assessment Program and Penalty Assessment
§10:26.11 Blood Alcohol Testing Penalty Assessment
§10:26.12 Community Service
§10:26.13 Alternatives to Fine—Community Service, Jail
§10:26.14 Restitution
§10:26.15 Court-Ordered Substance Abuse Testing, Abstention,
and Mandatory Use of Drugs
§10:26.16 Probation Cost Reimbursement
§10:26.17 Vehicle Impoundment
§10:26.18 Ignition Interlock Device
§10:26.19 Habitual Traff‌ic Offender Designation
§10:26.20 Child Endangerment / Passenger Under Age 14
§10:26.21 Booking Fees
§10:26.22 Youthful Drunk Driver Visitation Program
§10:26.23 “Three Strikes” Enhancements
§10:26.24 VC §13202: Discretionary and Mandatory Suspensions for Drug Offenses
§10:26.25 VC §23550.5 Enhancement for Felony Prior Conviction Within 10 Years
§10:26.26 Mandatory Watson Admonition
§10:26.27 Forty Dollar ($40) Court Security Fee
§10:26.28 Thirty Dollar ($30) Court Conviction Fee
§10:26.29 Ability To Pay Probation Costs and Fees
§10:26.30 Failure to Timely Pay Fines (Additional Fee)
§10:27 Prohibited and Disfavored Probation Terms
§10:27.1 Time to Object Is Sentencing Hearing
§10:27.2 Emergency Response Costs
§10:27.3 AA Attendance
§10:27.4 T-Shirt Advertising Defendant’s Crime and Other Humiliation
§10:27.5 Waiver of Fourth Amendment Rights
§10:27.6 Waiver of Custody Time Credit?
§10:27.7 Requiring Approval of Residence or Leaving State
§10:27.8 Staying Out of Places Where Alcohol Is Primary Item of Sale
§10:28 Increased Punishment for Going to Trial (Trial Tax)
§10:29 Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Requirements
§10:29.1 IID Pilot Program for Four Counties (Repealed January 1, 2019)
§10:29.2 IID for VC §§ 23152 and 23153 Convictions
§10:29.3 Court Conviction No Longer Needed for
Early Termination of One Year APS Suspension
§10:29.4 Court Option to Order IID on Offenses Prior to January 1, 2019
§10:29.5 Optional IID Order : Driver Under 21 Years Old
§10:29.6 Mandatory IID for VC §14601.2 Conviction or
Plea-Bargain Reduction Without Probation
§10:29.7 Crimes Related to Ignition Interlock Device
§10:29.8 DMV Certif‌ies Which Brands and Models Are Used
10-3 Punishment
§10:29.9 Defendant’s Ability to Pay
§10:29.10 Operation of Employer’s Vehicle Without IID
§10:29.11 Out-of-State Residents
§10:29.12 Interest of Justice Exception for Some IID Requirements
§10:30 Probation Report and Sentencing Hearing
§10:30.1 Felony Sentencing, Three Strikes, Great Bodily Injury, Proposition 36
§10:30.2 Hearing Procedure
§10:30.3 Duties of Counsel at Sentencing
§10:30.4 Presenting Defense View
§10:30.5 Court ’s Power to Grant, Deny or Modify Probation or Mandatory Supervision
§10:30.6 Plea and Sentence in Different Jurisdiction
§10:30.7 DA’s Statement in Aggravation
§10:30.8 Challenge to Prior Conviction Enhancement
§10:30.9 Unauthorized Verbal or Written Communication
To Court May Constitute Misdemeanor Contempt
§10:31 Felony Sentencing and the Criminal Justice Realignment Act of 2011
§10:31.1 Felony Sentencing Flow Charts
§10:31.2 Felony Sentencing Hearing
§10:31.3 VC §§23550 and 23550.5: Prior Convictions Make Current Offense a Felony
§10:31.4 Determining Length of Prison Term
§10:31.5 No Upper Term or Sentence Enhancement Absent Jury Finding;
But Consecutive Sentencing Permissible
§10:31.6 Three Strikes Law
§10:31.7 Probation In A Felony Case
§10:31.8 Great Bodily Injury (GBI) Enhancements
§10:31.9 Multiple Enhancements
§10:31.10 Crime Committed While on Bail or OR Release Enhancements
§10:31.11 Post Release Community Supervision For Non-Violent Of fenders
§10:31.12 CRC Commitments Abolished
§10:31.13 Proposition 36 Treatment Program
§10:31.14 Deferred Entry of Judgment
§10:31.15 Proposition 47 and Reduction of Felonies to Misdemeanors
§10:31.16 Pending Non-Felony Vehicle Code Violations Dismissed If State Prison or 1170(h)
§10:31.17 Trial Court’s New Authority To Strike Enhancements
§10:32 Work Furlough
§10:33 Rights Regarding Sentencing Proceedings
§10:34 Multiple Punishment
§10:34.1 Conviction of Both Subdivisions (a) and (b)
§10:34.2 VC §23558: Multiple Victims
§10:34.3 DUI Drugs and Alcohol
§10:34.4 Consecutive Sentences
§10:35 Time Credits
§10:35.1 Custody Time Credit
§10:35.1(a) Credit for Time Served Now Applied to
Base Fine at $125 Per Day
§10:35.1(b) Waiver of Custody Time Credit
§10:35.2 Good-Conduct/Work Credits
§10:35.3 Correct Errors Anytime by Motion in Trial Court
§10:35.4 Mandatory Jail Not Mandatory
§10:35.5 Electronic Home Detention
§10:35.6 Credits For Electronic Home Detention
§10:35.7 Involuntary Home Detention Due To Jail Overcrowding
§10:35.8 No Eavesdropping Or Recording Conversations
§10:35.9 Pre-Trial Credits for Home Conf‌inement
§10:35.10 Experiments and Pilot Projects With Time Credits

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