Publishing in the Journal of Research Administration: a call to action for all research administrators.

Author:Linker, Tim

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Research administrators are critical actors in a complex research enterprise. Too often we do not disseminate our valuable knowledge and the innovative methods and systems that we use to solve complex problems that ultimately allow the research enterprise to move forward. Each of us has unique contributions to our field that should be shared with others, and the Journal of Research Administration is the ideal platform for doing just that.

The Journal of Research Administration is an award-winning, premier, academic, peer-reviewed publication in the field of research administration and management. For 47 years, the Journal has been dedicated to the education and professional development of research administrators and to the growth of the field through its publication of articles covering the evolving research environment and innovation in research administration. The Journal focuses on inclusivity in terms of content, visibility in terms of accessibility to both a national and international audience, and innovation by highlighting original research and novel research administration strategies that inform the field. With an easy submissions process, including a rigorous and timely peer review, the Journal of Research Administration is the perfect venue for advancing your career, your ideas, and the field.

Being an influencer in one's profession begins by sharing your insight with your peers in order to facilitate learning from each others practices, strategies, and research. This communication is the primary objective of the Journal of Research Administration: we enable administrators to share their experiences with their peers from other institutions. We encourage our readers to contribute to the ongoing dialogue offered by the Journal to provide a much-needed voice from the administrative perspective while supporting their overall growth as professionals working within the academy.

It is essential to recognize that the benefits of publishing extend far beyond those afforded to scholars and tenure-track faculty. In fact, there are many advantages to publishing as a research administrator. While LinkedIn posts and internal university or departmental publications help one develop a personal brand to some degree, a formal, peer-reviewed publication demonstrates that, more than just a participant, you are an influencer who actively changes and contributes to the fields growth and development. As a soon-to-be open access...

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