AuthorFerraez, Jorge

WHEN WE EMBARKED in the edition process for our 10th Annual Latinos on Boards issue, we never expected the amount of support and response from all these Directors and their companies.

First, we wanted to touch base with them; more than 250 individuals were sent an e-mail asking them for their feedback. Almost half of them responded!

Very busy people, with hectic schedules, traveling often, more than 100 took the time to answer questions, share inspirational quotes, confirm their information and even make enthusiastic comments that were deeply appreciated and very motivating. Numerous calls, e-mails and even text messages to Directors, CEO's, Corporate Communication executives were exchanged in the process.

Comments like "Thank you for the work you do." or "Keep up with these editions that help us all." were surprisingly received and noted for our own ego.

The result is our best ever edition about Latinos serving on Fortune 1000 Corporate Boards. A fantastic collection of stories, backgrounds, visions, leadership styles and wisdom, above all.

We need to recognize that our Latino Leaders team made a...

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