Author:Ferraez, Jorge

IN THIS EDITION, we have conducted our own research of all Latino executives in C-suite level positions, both reporting directly and not reporting, to the CEO of the company.

There are not many lists with this information. Actually none, that we know of. For that reason, we decided to do our own research; consulting all websites, sending e-mails, fact-checking with communication officers and through word of mouth.

Our main conclusion is on the introduction of the feature, pg. 20. Basically, what we found is no different from other areas, in which we face the reality of the low level of participation from Latinos. Needless to say, this has to change.

As of now, and as we've been doing with our 101 Most Influential Latinos list, we're going to keep an eye on these Latinos in c-suite of corporate America, in order to monitor the advancement of this community within the Fortune500 and Fortune1000 classification of corporations. To all the ones we're featuring: CONGRATULATIONS! You are part of a seta group of individuals that comprises only about 3,250 executives (for the F500 index). This should be a major achievement for someone with a Corporate career and definitely the notion of being part of the...

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