Author:Ferraez, Jorge

THE EDITION you have in your hands is the most successful edition in the story of Latino Leaders Magazine. It is not only our 9th Boards Edition, but also our fourth special feature on Latinos in Healthcare Industry and we have a fantastic collection of stories and interviews with some of the most relevant leaders. Our Boards Edition is a comprehensive snapshot of the state on Latino participation in Corporate Boards. In a special partnership with Victor Arias Jr. and RSR Partners, who brings a priceless support and contribution to this edition, we're featuring more than 120 Board Directors and more than 50 outstanding candidates ready to become Directors of a Board. The value of Victor Arias Jr. and RSR Partners mean one of the highest recognized experts on Hispanic executives and board members through the most exclusive firm in the executive search business. Latino Leaders is proud to partner with them.

Since last year's Boards Edition, we have had some new additions and some others names that are no longer part of the list. Most of them serve on a F500 Board, but some are serving on non-F500 boards, however their work and service are very relevant to the company and industry they serve. From 2017 to 2018, there were only 15 seats added to the F500 Corporate Boards, for a total of 5,360 Board seats in Corporate America. Out of those, only 152 are Hispanic Directors and out of those 43 are women. So, Hispanics grew 0.2% to represent 2.8% of the total F500 Board seats. As usual, good news, but not enough to match the percentage of Hispanic consumers that all these corporations have, which is between 15% and 22% of...

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