Publisher's letter.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

We want to say Thank You and give our most sincere and deepest appreciation to all of our advisors, friends, consultants and colleagues that have extended their support every time. It is because of them that we're able to open doors, obtain interviews, get guidance and advice on content and some have assisted us with their written collaboration.

In this edition, we have three very special features. First, our special feature on Latinos and Hi-Tech, which for the first time ever includes an excellent compilation that Mariana Gutierrez and our staff writers have done with some of the most significant Latino leaders in the Iii-Tech industry. Leaders that have never been introduced or identified talked to our team to discover who are those Latinos moving the needle in technology. Here we want to recognize and show are gratitude to Andre Arbelaez, CEO at the Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC). Andre and his team have guided us and opened doors for Latino Leaders like no one has done before. This effort led us to a fantastic Latina who is a real pioneer and creator of much of what we now know as "Virtual Reality"; Evelyn Miralles, who leads the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Evelyn met with us at her NASA Lab and showed us how she and her colleagues have been working on these technologies for decades, even before most of this technology was made available to the public. Their purpose was to re-create the space and its environments for astronaut training. Evelyn has a beautiful and inspiring story that has made us proud to have a Latina working at that level in...

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