Publisher's letter.

Author:Ferraez Jorge

In the midst of the effervescence of the new administration and its initial actions, we wanted to ask the top Latino leaders in the nation their position on the new government, how were they coping with the Trump administration and what they were planning to do about it, in order to keep advancing their own goals and missions.

The answers were very similar: most of them want a "seat at the table." A seat at a table that apparently has no more seats. Most of them want to be taken into account and participate in the decisions and policy making. Each one of them has an approach that aligns with the goals of the organizations they represent. This is also true in promoting education, entrepreneurship, immigration issues or promoting businesses. These are some of the top leaders from leading organizations that represent thousands. Added together, they make millions as a good part of the Hispanic community of the United States. It is a very impressive list, thoughtful leaders, some of the brightest minds and best advocates for Latinos.

However, perhaps the big difference...

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