Publisher's letter.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

On a beautiful morning in late October, a newly painted Southwest Airlines 737 800 took me to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport to conduct our interview with a fantastic man, Armando Codina, and his daughter in Miami.

There are certain interviews that make a deep impression on me, and this was one of them. As a leadership storyteller, Armando Codina has been a fascinating figure for us in the Miami business landscape for years. So, when we started talking about the possibility of interviewing him, I was very excited and decided to make the trip to Florida and do the interview myself. His office suggested that we also interview Ana, his daughter and now his partner in the new real estate development venture. This father and daughter team is making it a reality.

When we arrived to a beautiful, contemporary corner office at his Goral Gables building, Codina told me a powerful story of a small boy who was left to travel alone to Miami, escaping the Cuban Revolution of the late 1950s. A resilient soul with a tremendous courage and a creative mind, Codina managed to build an empire by himself over the years. His story is fabulous!

But perhaps the most impressive side of this interview was to witness the...

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