Author:Ferraez, Jorge

THE MAGAZINE you have in your hands is the MAGAZINE OF THE FUTURE. Our publication has undergone a phenomenal redesign, a change in size, color and texture making it a publication that talks to its reader and asks for feedback and analysis. A print object of desire and worship that brings the leader into informative-emotional experiences that appeal 100% to its mindset and way of life.

With an 18-year history of knowing and interacting with readers, the editors have learned exactly their interests and desires, their visions and frustrations and most importantly what they want TO DO with the information they are getting from these new pages that are now brain-stimulating.

Latino Leaders will no longer measure its readership in demographic general terms. It will do so by their way of thinking, priorities, values and emotions. The Magazine of the Future will include areas where you can write down notes. You will also be able to tear off pages and you will notice a lot more visuals. In terms of advertising, we will see more branded content, in which the ad is no longer disruptive to the reading experience. A gracious blend of commercial content that will...

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