Published Writings

AuthorAshley S. Lipson
chApter 24
Published Writings
§24.100 Introduction
§24.200 Specific Writings
§24.200(a) Advertisements and Brochures
§24.201 Bibles
§24.201(a) Religious Writings
§24.202 Learned Treatises
§24.202(a) Dictionaries
§24.202(b) Handbooks and Manuals
§24.203 Magazine and Newspaper Articles
§24.203(a) Press Releases
§24.204 Market Reports
§24.205 Medical Articles
§24.206 Medical Textbooks
§24.206(a) Mortality Tables
§24.206(b) The Physician’s Desk Reference
§24.207 Newspaper Articles
§24.208 Weather Reports
§24.209 Program Pamphlets and Agendas

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