Psychopathology, Treatment and Assessment of African Personality.


Identifying Fundamental Psychopathology

Mentacide, as Batman. As indicated, holistic theories provide normalcy and abnormality statements. Structure, dynamics and development taken together comprise the former for the metatheory. Mentacide and psychological misorientation--and 53 other African personality disorders they predispose--define the latter (Azibo, 2014a). As the world order of Eurasian supremacy is anti-African to the point of systematically by design necrotizing the African personality, intentional extirpation of ADP psycho-culturally and actually, once used up or whensoever deemed necessary, appears ruled in. An exaggeration this is not. Remember the Tasmanians (Davies, 1973), the aboriginal Hawaiians (Azibo, 2012b), Leopold, LeClerc and so much more (Jones, 1992; Williams, 1976; Wilson, 1989). Seeing this point as real is important. For example, Oshodi (2015) decries the post-colonial/neo-colonial "Nigerian personality" as it is not sustaining viable national or individual life.

The term mentacide was applied to the process by which Eurasian civilizations attack African personality by psychologist Bobby Wright (perhaps, adapting the term from work on Jewish self-hatred). Mentacide uses society's image-making mechanisms (Olomenji, 1996) to moot psychological Africanity and instill psychological Eurasianism (mental Arabicizing, Americanizing, Europeanizing) which often includes rank as well as subtle anti-Africanism. Mentacide is both the process and result of implanting Eurasian utamawazo like "White is right" and "West is best" and "White people's ice is colder than ADP's ice" and the racial corollaries like "n----ain't nothing," "f-bomb all n----" and so on. Thus is the psychological Africanity in the person's outer core killed and displaced by live mental Eurasianism. It is fair, then, to describe victims of mentacide "as a kind of living dead" as ben-Jochannon (1992) did--alive to European and Arab consciousness, dead to African consciousness--[e]ven when quite alive in the active-inactive sense. Apparently, mentacide is extraordinarily effective in precluding and arresting ORP and ORM. Regarded as formal--although undeclared in keeping with Sun Tzu--psychological warfare against ADP (Azibo, 2011c, 2014a, 2016b; Baruti, 2005b; Olomenji, 1996; Shujaa, 2015), mentacide's effect is to nullify the outer core's psychological Africanity thereby making almost impossible the development of ORP and ORM behaving.

By way of illustration, albeit in role reversal as villains to aid in conceptualizing African personality breakdown, from the preceding mentacide appears as the Batman, the one large and in charge and primarily responsible for matters of disorder. Robin, as the Batman's sidekick, is integrally involved in his affairs. Frankly, without the Batman Robin is a nonstarter that generates little interest. In theory, he is capable of going his own way, of being initiatory in matters of disorder. In point of fact, however, he has no meaningful existence in these matters, no raison d'etra apart from the Batman.

Psychological Misorientation, As Robin. When the outer core is rendered null and void distally through society's mentacidal machinations, the upshot for the African personality proximally is an externally forced implanting in the outer core of a Eurasian-based cognitive structure and belief system. In turn, the violated outer core pychologically orients the individual as if s/he were Eurasian. This is best identified as a psychological phenomenon, specifically a psychological misorientation--not a cultural misorientation a la Kambon (1996a, 2003). Psychological misorientation is a more correct/accurate, and thereby more appropriate, conceptual term as the local phenomenon or existential dynamic takes place in individual psyches and it is there where the patching up of things must ultimately take root. This is an undeniable truth even though the overarching phenomenon be faulty adaptation to the anti-African miasmatic milieu, physical and cultural, imposed externally by Eurasian civilizations. Hence, mentacide is the Batman in these phenomena, these matters of disorder as occurring under Eurasian supremacy domination. Therefore, if a theorist wanted to emphasize more the cultural milieu, then s/he should zero-in on mentacide. Clearly, the misnomered "cultural misorientation" term is to be retired as it is either incorrect or inappropriate any way you look at the issue.

What the psychological misorientation construct means, in synopsis, is that a biogenetically black individual in her or his mind is not operating with mental, ergo, psychological Africanity. S/he proceeds as genetically black minus psychological Africanity. As the void is filled with cognitive Eurasianisms, this causes her or him to proceed negotiating the ecology in the manner of a Eurasian--usually a European or White/Semitic Arab. It is crucial to understand that under the metatheory an individual's misidentification in this way or adjustment otherwise to it is quintessential mental disorder irrespective of prevalency in the population or adamancy with which the misidentification is held by the person (Azibo, 2014a). The reason being that African-centered personality theory by definition is a combination of the absolute and psychological models, to wit

The psychological model construes disorder as a result of an intrapsychic personality process gone awry. It assumes the existence of an orderly or organized intrapsychic personality process. The absolute model postulates disorder to be the lacking of some nonarbitrary standard. (Azibo, 1996b, 49, emphases original) That the centered African mythos on the nature of human nature compels ORB as the nonarbitrary standard the upshots of which in the personality process are ORP and ORM was discussed earlier.

Emphatically, the psychological misorientation construct--while subordinate to the mentacide construct which predisposes it in contemporary ADP's lives--is far from innocuous. It is a dangerous state of personality in which the individual through trickery part and parcel of and/or surrender born of desperation or acquiescence to Eurasian civilizations negotiates the ecology as if Eurasian himself or herself. This means that his or her outer core is comprised of Eurasian cognition which facilitates concordant overt behavior via the action component (Azibo, 2011c, 2014a; Azibo, Robinson & Scott-Jones, 2011; Jamison, 2015). Boko Harem and the treason against ADP characterizing the government services of Colon Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and Clarence Thomas are perfect examples which corroborate Dr. ben-Jochannon's (1992) overall thinking that

For a [colonized,] captive and enslaved people which we Blacks [worldwide] are, the highest form of mental instability could be... a Black who has adjusted to his [or her] condition and/or has accepted the value system of the White [or Arab] oppressor....[she or he] is more in need of the services of the mental health provider than the traditional 'patient' [with peripheral/secondary disorders].... because [his or her]... level of adjustment [to Eurasian society]... is dangerous not only to him or herself and the family related, but also to present and future Black generations. (Yosef ben-Jochannan,cited in Alexander, 1980, 34-35) For that matter, the anti-ADP perpetrations of people accurately labeled "Uncle Toms" as analyzed by Council on Black (2002) are examples as well.

It cannot be overpropounded the psychological damage to African personality and identity wrought by mentacide and psychological misorientation, especially after factoring in intergenerational transmission. Aristide's (2011) words are applicable:

This is a real danger! It is a potential source of a major identity crisis. This identity crisis can lead to pathological behavior morning, noon and night.... The consequencies are enough to damage a person for life. The pathologies provoked... corrode the character like a strong acid.... [yielding] mental slaves.... A kasumba ya kikoloni equals a mental slave. (63-68) Slave mentality terminology and thematic variations like colonized consciousness can serve as apt colloquialisms useful for enhancing psychological workers' gestalt of ADP as they indicate that these populations worldwide still operate with the same definitional and belief systems and, therefore, the same reality structure for inference making and ideation, as did their enslaved and colonized ancestors (Azibo, 2011c, 2015a). A noteworthy contribution of the metatheory, the Azibo Nosology specifically, not to be overlooked is the professional nomenclature and systematization provided for these psychopathological phenomena heretofore missing.

According to the metatheory, mentacide and its cognitive offspring, psychological misorientation, are abnormalities that disfeature the outer core with devastation. When these disordered conditions manifest in the outer core, the action component necessarily evinces behavior consistent with and reflecting Eurasian dictates. Like Batman and Robin, respectively, the mentacide and psychological misorientation constructs tend to work together in conjoined fashion. Also, as with the comic book heroes, mentacide and psychological misorientation may act...

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