Psalms 3: A Commentary on Psalms 101-150.

Author:Klein, Ralph W.
Position::Book review

Psalms 3: A Commentary on Psalms 101-150. Hermeneia. By Frank Lothar Hossfeld and Eric Zenger. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-0-80060762-3. xxii and 712 pages. Cloth. $69.

This is the second of three volumes on the Psalter, to be Followed by a third on Psalms 1-50. Originally published in German, this commentary is ably translated by Linda Maloney, an Episcopal priest and former student of mine. Regrettably, Zenger's sudden death means that a replacement must be found for the final volume.

The exhaustive exegesis contained in this volume can be sampled in Psalm 104, After a twenty-four item bibliography (only one of the items is in English) and a fresh translation with appropriate philological notes, the authors engage in literary-critical discussion, concluding that twelve and one half of the thirty-five verses are redactional. Nine pages are given over to verse by verse exegesis, marked unusually in this case with seven illustrations From ancient art, showing such things as the division of the world into heaven, earth, and underworld and the depiction of the chaotic waters as a dragon. The commentators also explore the relationship between Psalms 103 and 104: Both psalms describe Yahweh as king; both psalms accent anthropology; the cosmology of heaven and earth play a part in both psalms; and both psalms come from...

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