Proportional responses: a selection of reader reactions to the announcement that this issue is world watch's last; the announcement offered readers the choice of donating the balance of their subscription or accepting other Worldwatch institute products as substitutes.


* Ouch!!

* I am deeply saddened by your decision to stop publishing, you were my last hope for sane discussion and constructive action of the plights facing the human species.

* I am very saddened by the cessation of the publication Worldwatch. ... I have cherished its easy-to-read articles.

* I am very disappointed that you are discontinuing your magazine. ... I do not like reading from the computer screen. ... This trend away from old-fashioned magazines is, I think, a big mistake.

* Bummer. I understand the reasoning but I must say that since The Ecologist went to online only I basically don't read it anymore.

* This is a real bummer. I just sent in my renewal check.

* Wow! Bummer, but I understand. ...

* I recently received a letter informing me that you were ceasing shipping World Watch magazine. I'm truly bummed to hear this, but I do understand that the times they are a-changing.

* That's really too bad for those of us who prefer reading from a real magazine rather than Irom a computer screen, but well, c'est la vie!

* I am sorry to lose the print version. I try to read more and more online but it is just not the same.

* It is with regret I received this email from you announcing the cessation of this valuable publication in hard copy form. As wonderful as the...

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