Prophet-the Hatmaker's Son, the Life of Robert Muller.

Author:Haggerson, Nelson L., Jr.
Position:Book review

PROPHET-THE HATMAKER'S SON, THE LIFE OF ROBERT MULLER By Douglas Gillies East Beach Press, 2003 Santa Barbara, CA 93160

As IJHP Editor Vasant Merchant is wont to do, she asked me, Nelson Haggerson, a peacemaker who has contributed articles on peace education and peace research to IJHP over the years, to review a biography of the Peacemaker Prophet, Robert Muller written by biographer, Douglas Gillies. She knew I would be intrigued by Muller's biography because of my peace orientation as well as the fact that I am a biographer myself. And she was right, I found Muller's life story both informative and fascinating, and I like the in media res organization of the book as well as the narrative itself.

I am not the only reviewer who enjoyed the book. The jacket included early acclaim for the book by such well known persons as Ted Turner, AOL Time-Warner, Jean Houston, author of Jump Time, Lucile Green, co-founder of Global People's Assembly, Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and Hazel Henderson, author of Building a Win-Win World, and many more found on Muller's web site. I quote Jean Houston's piece as an example:

When the true history of the Twentieth Century is told, Robert Muller's name will stand out as one of the greatest world servers of all time. This powerful book is filled with stories and anecdotes that delight as they illumine the path of greatness. Prophet ennobles as it instructs. One discovers how high intelligence matched with deep compassion can lead to the way of wisdom and the winning of a better world. Robert Muller is a spiritual giant as well as a hugely original thinker, and the story of his life is a testament to the glory of the human spirit.

One of the most ennobling parts of the Prophet is a Robert Muller poem that biographer Gillies included. The poem Decide To Be Peaceful captures the spiritual thrust of the book:

Decide To Be Peaceful Render others peaceful Be a model of peace Irradiate your peace Love, passionately the peace of our beautiful planet. Do not listen to warmongers, hateseeders and powerbrokers Dream always of a peaceful world Work always for a peaceful world Switch on and keep on, in yourself The positive buttons, those marked for love serenity, happiness, truth kindness, friendliness, understanding and tolerance Pray and thank God everyday for peace Pray for the United Nations and all peacemakers Pray for the leaders of nations who hold the peace of the world in...

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