Progressive Label purchases Mark Andy Performance Series press.

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Mark Andy has announced that California-based Progressive Label Manufacturing is expanding its capabilties with a new Mark Andy Performance Series Press. The company is going green with the new Mark Andy P-5 with LED/UV technology.

With the Performance Series, Progressive Label will be able to print labels four times faster while also having the flexibility to print everything from a sophisticated label to film packaging decoration. Once the Performance Series press is installed, Progressive plans to continue to support its current customers while breaking into new markets.

Dave Carr, Progressive Label owner, started his packaging and label career over 26 years ago, driving place to place in order to grow his label business from the ground up. He has built his business steadily with a focus on sustainability, once pushing for a low carbon footprint before it became mainstream.

To Carr these are not just labels, they are also the face of his clients' brands. Carr's goal is to enhance his customers' applications--not only to support their business but because he believes in them, their products, and in Progressive's ability to manufacture the highest quality labels.

Progressive Label Manufacturing plans to continue its tradition of eco-consciousness with the new investment in the Performance Series. "Not only will the...

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