Progress by the Twelve States of the Hypoxia Task Force.

AuthorJohnson, Christopher


In three watersheds, landowners installed protections that retained 7.000 pounds of phosphorus and 10,000 pounds of nitrogen.


Fifty-three municipal wastewater management facilities are developing Nutrient Assessment Reduction Plans to reduce phosphorus.


In 2020, the Indiana Conservation Partnership reported reductions of 2.2 million pounds of nitrogen and 1.1 million pounds of phosphorus.


Approximately 3,500 acres of land have been treated with bioreactors and buffers, but according to the Iowa Environmental Council, progress is too slow.


The Kentucky Division of Water issues regular reports on nutrients in major tributaries of the Ohio River.


The Environmental Integrity Project reports that more than 90 percent of Louisiana's waterways are impaired because of nutrient pollution.


In 2015, Minnesota's legislature passed a buffer law requiring buffers of perennial vegetation along waterways.


The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has implemented Delta Nutrient Reduction Strategies in seven watersheds.


In 2019, Missouri farmers...

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