Programs available to aid S.C. agribusinesses, farmers.

S.C. agribusinesses have until the end of this month to apply for a tax credit for increasing purchases of products certified as grown in South Carolina by the state Department of Agriculture.

The program provides a possible income tax credit or withholding tax credit to agribusinesses or agricultural packaging operations that purchase more than $100,000 in agricultural products certified as S.C.-grown in a base year, then increase the number of agricultural units purchased in the following year by at least 15%.

Eligible companies may claim an income tax credit or a credit against employee withholding as determined by the S.C. Coordinating Council for Economic Development. An individual taxpayer may not be awarded a credit of more than $100,000, and the maximum amount of tax credits allowed may not exceed $2 million.

The application deadline to qualify for the credit is Sept. 30. For more information, contact Laura Jordan, assistant director of agribusiness development, at 803-734-1767 or

S.C. farmers and food processors may also be eligible to qualify for organic certification reimbursement through an agriculture department grant.

The Organic Certification Cost Share Program will reimburse...

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