DJ Profile: Con Salsa! With Jose Masso.

Author:Rodriguez, Nelson

A musical artist's dream is to record his/her own disc and then perform that music in the appropriate venue, but in the present financially negative environment musicians are finding it difficult to secure live engagements. It is more economical for nightclub owners to hire DJs. A club DJ plays a CD but few people ever ask the DJ who is playing, and DJs don't announce the names of the bands. There exists, however, one individual who becomes a key person to the success and continued success of the recording and that is the radio DJ/Host.


One such DJ/Host celebrated his 35th year on the air in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 22, 2010 ... His name is Jose Masso, and he is not only one of the early Latin radio pioneers in Boston's history but a true activist in so many ways.

Puerto Rican-native Masso began his heralded career in radio in 1975, two years after arriving in Boston. His extensive, prominent, and groundbreaking career in education, communications, politics, entertainment and sports sets him apart from other radio personalities. In honor of his 30th broadcasting anniversary, the City Council of Boston proclaimed June 22nd, 2005, as Jose Masso & Con Salsa! Commemoration Day. The celebration continued later that night with a concert performed by Juan Luis Guerra & 440.

Since 2001, Jose has hosted three trips to Cuba as part of the defunct Citizens of the World Tour for radio station WBUR (90.9 FM).

His impressive resume includes participation in the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, New England Regional Office, Barack Obama's presidential campaign trail, Northeastern University's Government Relations and Community Affairs, and the Center for the Study of Sports in Society.

Masso was also a television host for fifteen years, when he was featured on the Emmy Award-winning bilingual public affairs program "Aqui." Numerous national...

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