The young professional vote: how YPs vote this year will lead to lasting changes in their lives.

Author:Robinson, Freddie

Republican or democrat? That is a choice some young professionals in other countries don't have. Some people consider this election to be the most important in history because of the economic, military and other challenges facing our country at this time. Being a student majoring in political science and having worked for one party last year and volunteering for the other party this year, I am in a unique position to observe both political parties and know what both sides think. Whether Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. John McCain are elected this November, my young professional life will be dramatically different.

From working with the "Right to Life" movement to working with pro life volunteers, I have seen the extremes of both sides. I have concluded that both sides care about their issues and believe they are in the right. Because of my independent style of thinking, I have to believe in what I support, and in both experiences, working with these diverse groups my belief in our political process has been reinforced.


Young republicans and democrats will come out of this election with a new sense of purpose. And whoever wins will change and challenge both sides. If the Republicans win, there is a possibility of 12 years of republican thinking and rule with a new direction, if we are to believe Sen. John McCain. If the Democrats...

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