Production report error.

Author:Grayson, Richard
Position:Letters to the editor

I read with a lot of interest your report on U.S. gun production, but I found an error in one of your charts ("Firearm Production," July 2003). In the chart "Total U.S. Firearm Production," you list the number of handguns for 2001 as 943,213. That's wrong. I got the 2001 report from the ATF's Website and if you add together the total number of "Pistols" and "Revolvers" made, it comes to 946,979. That a difference of 3,766 handguns.

I guess that doesn't seem like a lot and maybe I'm being picky, but if that number is wrong, are there other mistakes in the report, too? The big graph on page 29 is probably wrong, if you used the numbers listed in the "Total" chart.

Just wanted to let you know some of us really look at your report in detail.

Richard Grayson

Sports Stop

Knoxville, Tenn.

Your careful reading of the report, and hopefully, all of the magazine is most welcome. And you're right, the chart you mentioned and the graft is incorrect--if you compare it to the original report the ATF provided to us and to you via their Website. Actually, the data in the report is not inaccurate, just the information on the summary page. On the original summary page, the ATF reported that in 2001 there were 626,836 "Pistols" and 320,143 "Revolvers" manufactured. That equals 946,979, the number you quoted.

However, in the actual report, the number of "Pistols" made is 623,070. The discrepancy of 3, 766...

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