Problems and limitations.

Position:Chapter 3 - Brief article

The past and present extra-monogamous sexual attitudes and behavior of Forum readers were researched via a questionnaire inserted in the May, 1977 issue. The survey was to be voluntarily completed and returned to the Forum offices. This methodology contains assumptions and limitations which affect the results.

First, in considering the validity of the information gathered, it has been assumed that the questionnaire was uniformly understood by the respondents, and that each participant responded only once. In addition, there are pre-suppositions of either accuracy in the subjects' replies, or that conscious or unconscious distortions of the data would be equally balanced between denial/repression and embellishment/grandiosity.

Secondly, caution needs to be exercised in generalizing the volunteer respondents' behaviors and attitudes to the entire Forum readership, as the sample is limited to a) readers of the one issue and b) those...

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