Pro label Inc: knowing its markets and leveraging new digital capabilities, this Miami converter is poised for growth.

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3363 NW 160th St #A, Miami Gardens, FL, USA

Ramon Fernandez gets co work at 6 AM. An admitted workaholic, the owner of Pro Label Inc. is also open-minded, a second-generation Cuban American, and he's got the entrepreneurial spirit. The characteristics of his personality have fueled his company's growth, and has the South Florida label converter primed for a bright future.

Strategically located m Miami, Pro Label Inc., as it stands today got its start in July of 1995, when the company was purchased by Fernandez. "Wc really felt there was an opportunity. It was an existing label company, but when I stepped in and took over, I made a lot of changes - updated equipment, got organized, and in particular focused on better customer service," Fernandez says. "We had a nice customer base to start, and we figured we could build off that. Seventeen years later, were still doing it." And Pro Label is doing it well. When Fernandez took over, the company, then housed in Hollywood, PL, was a two-press operation-a Comco 6-color and a Mark Andy 4-color. 'The first thing we did was upgrade the Mark Andy to six colors with UV finishing, ceramic anilox rolls and doctor blades. The company Ld taken over was really in the Neanderthal stage. There was no inventory, and it was something of a mish-mash. We came in and kicked a little butt."


A major milestone for Pro Label came in 2000, when the company had outgrown its Hollywood home. "We used to say we had to step outside to change our minds," Fernandez recalls of the old 2,800 square foot plant. So the company left Hollywood, bought a Nilpeter press, and moved down 1-95 to its current 12,000 square foot facility in Miami.

The move was not without its challenges. According to Fernandez, the logistics of the move, and dealing with the intricacies of Miami-Dade County made a mess of things, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

You see, overcoming obstacles is something that Ramon Fernandez is good at. Pro Label is not his first label company, and a look ac his background and experience paints a picture of how Pro Label is succeeding today. "T'd been involved with graphics since the early 80s. At 23 years old I started a small label company - and it didn't work out. But I was bit by the bug," Fernandez says.

Following his failed venture, Fernandez worked for a local converter selling labels, giving him exposure to a range of different aspects of the...

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