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SECTOR PROJECT DESCRIPTION AVIATION CHILE Region IV airport 20-year concession to build and operate a new airport CHILE Region IX airport Concession to build and operate a new airport COLOMBIA El Dorado International Concession to upgrade and Airport operate the airport in Bogota PERU Airports in Chidayo,Juliaca, Operating concessions Piura, Pucallpa and Tarapoto BANKING BRAZIL BEC Sale of state bank of Ceara BRAZIL BEM Sale of statebank of Maranhao BRAZIL REP Sale of state bank of Piaui ENERGY BRAZIL Cemar Sale of state distributor in Maranhao BRAZIL Platform P-54 Concession to build a new oil platform COLOMBIA Bolivar-Copey-Ocaha- Concession to design, Primavera build and operate transmission line ECUADOR 13 energy distributors 5-year operating concession HONDURAS Patuca III hydroelectric Concession to build and Project operate MEXICO Mexicali II power project Concession to build and operate MEXICO Petrochemical complex Concession for construction MEXICO Tazamunchale generation Operating concession project MEXICO Tuxpan V thermoelectric 25-year concession to project build and operate PERU Electrocentro,Electronorte, Concession to operate Electronoreste and Hidrandina generation companies VENEZUELA Deltana blocks 3 and 5 Concessions to explore and produce natural gas INFRASTRUCTURE BOLIVIA Metropolitana Santa Cruz Concession to build and Highway operate CHILE Petorca bridge Concession for construction CHILE Chiloe bridge Concession for construction and operation CHILE Conception-Los Alamos Concession to renovate highway and maintain this highway COLOMBIA Bogota-Girardot highway 14-year concession to build and operate 126 km of new highway COLOMBIA Pereira-La Victoria highway Concession to build and operate a new highway COSTA RICA San Jose-Cartago highway Concession to upgrade and operate MEXICO Highway projects 30-year concessions to build and operate 1,391 km of new highways PERU Northern Amazonas 25-year concession to highway develop, upgrade and operate 960 km of new highway PERU Road Network 41 Concession to upgrade and build 37 km of new highway MINING BOLIVIA El Mutun Sale of the iron ore deposit PERU Las Bambas copper project Mining concession PERU Michiquillay copper project Mining concession PORTS CHILE Arica Concession to operate and upgrade the port ECUADOR Guayaquil Concession to operate and upgrade the port TELECOM ECUADOR Andinatel and Pacifictel 3-year operating concession WATER CHILE Ancoa dam project 25-year concession to...

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