Position:Latin America, companies

SECTOR PROJECT DESCRIPTION DEADLINE AVIATION CHILE Region IV airport 20-year concession to IQ/2004 build and operate a new airport CHILE Region IX airport Concession to build and Pending operate a new airport COLOMBIA El Dorado Concession to upgrade IIQ/2004 International and operate the airport Airport in Bogota PERU Airports in Operating concessions IIQ/2004 Chiclayo, Juliaca, Piura, Pucallpa and Taraputo BANKING BRAZIL BEC Sale of state Pending bank of Ceara BRAZIL BEM Sale of state Pending bank of Maranhao BRAZIL BEP Sale of state Pending bank of Piaui ENERGY BRAZIL Oil projects Concessions for 06/2004 Round 6 exploration, development and production ECUADOR 13 energy 3-year operating 01/05/2004 distributors concession ECUADOR Oil projects Concessions for 03/19/2004 Round 9 exploration and production HONDURAS Patuca III Concession to build IQ/2004 hydroelectric and operate project MEXICO Mexicali II Concession to build 01/21/2004 power project and operate MEXICO Petrochemical Concession for Pending complex construction MEXICO Tamazunchale II Concession to build 04/2004 power project and operate MEXICO Agua Prieta II Concession to build 07/2004 thermoelectric and operate project PERU Electrocentro, Concession to operate Pending Electronorte, electricity generators Electronoreste and Hidrandina INFRASTRUCTURE BRAZIL BR-753 and BR- Concessions to IQ/2004 393 highways rehabilitate and operate CHILE Chiloe bridge Concession for 02/2004 construction and operation CHILE Conception-Los Concession to renovate IIQ/2004 Alamos highway and maintain CHILE Quinta Normal Concessions to build and 01/2004 and La Cisterna operate two intermodal stations transfer stations in Santiago COLOMBIA Pereira-La Concession to build and 02/2004 Victoria highway operate a new highway MEXICO Highway projects 30-year concessions to Pending build and operate 1,391 km of new highways PERU Northern Amazonas 25-year concession to IQ/2004 highway develop, upgrade and operate 960 km of new highway PERU Road Network #1 Concession to upgrade IQ/2004 and build 37 km of new highway PERU Road Network #4 Concession to upgrade Pending and build new highway PERU Villa El Salvador- 30-year concession to Pending Avenida Grau metro build and operate a new line metro line in Lima MINING BOLIVIA El Mutun Sale of the iron ore IQ/2004 deposit MEXICO Mining projects Sale of 16 metallic IQ/2004 and non-metallic mining properties PERU Bayovar phosphates Mining concession IQ/2004 project PERU...

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