Privacy Rights.

AuthorKurzban, Jed
PositionLetters - Letter to the editor

Weaver v. Myers: The Future of Ex Parte Communication in Florida Medical Malpractice by Brian W. Boelens (July/August) was a particularly one-sided article from the defense industry and an insurance company advocate. The article misconstrues both the purpose of ex parte communications and Florida's pre-suit investigation. I find The Florida Bar generally requires a higher standard of equal contribution from both perspective sides of an argument.

Protecting a person's right to privacy is not "a new normal," but is, in fact, a continuation of a time-held tradition of confidentiality between a patient and their doctor. The article takes a distorted view of Weaver, which in effect, upheld Florida's constitutional right to privacy and did not allow this constitutional right to expire upon the death of a patient. In truth...

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