Author:Ciaramella, C.J.
Position:Prison wine - Recipe - Brief article

a.k.a. pruno, toilet wine, raisin rack


* 10 Peeled oranges

* One 8-ounce bowl of fruit cocktail

* 16 ounces of wam water

* 40-60 cubes of white sugar

* 6 teaspoons of ketchup

Time: 7-8 days, but if you're making this you've probablt got nothing but time.

  1. Squeeze the fruit into a large plastic bag, purce with your fists, add warm water, and seal.

  2. Heat bag under hot running water for 15 minutes, wrap in a towel, and store.

  3. The next day, run the bag under warm (not hot) water for 15 minutes. Add sugar and ketchup. Wrap and store.

  4. Reheat daily by running under warm water for 15 minutes. (If the bag gets cold, the yeast will die.)

  5. The bag will bloat from carbon dioxide, a by product of fementation. Once a day, open it to release the excess gas.

  6. after seven to eight days...

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