Prison Construction -- Part 2.

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This survey on construction projects is a continuation of the information provided in the January issue of Corrections Compendium. Part 1 contained details on projects already completed in fiscal year 1998-1999 or on those continuing into 1999. This part of the survey identifies construction projects planned for development or completion during fiscal year 2000, as well as alternatives to prisons currently in use. Forty-five jurisdictions, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), responded to the survey, along with three provinces in Canada and Correctional Service Canada (CSC). No new projects are being continued in Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee or Texas, or in the Canadian jurisdictions of Manitoba, Newfoundland and CSC.

Facilities and Projects Under Construction

As reported, there are 148 projects planned for implementation in fiscal year 2000 affecting residential facilities, including those identified by BOP. The most extensive planned construction is in California, where the Department of Corrections will be building a new facility in Delano. Additionally, 35 projects are planned for support facilities, including a major warehouse addition in Colorado and the relocation of the Boston Pre-Release Center in Massachusetts.

Nature of Projects

Although construction projects primarily center around housing additions and renovations, security upgrades are being undertaken in Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico and Ohio; Connecticut is planning for medical/restricted and dental care facilities relocation; and Louisiana is planning for a new diagnostic/medical facility that will include mental health/ skilled nursing services. Arizona, Oregon and Wisconsin are in the planning stages only for continuation projects.

The reported number of new beds being added is 55,574, including 5,824 for BOP, slightly down from 1998 statistics. The number of new beds is yet to be determined in Colorado and is not stated in the information provided by Connecticut.

The total costs projected for all continuing construction projects is $2,703,135,427, excluding BOP projects. One unit in Delaware and all projects in Mississippi were unable to provide cost information. The total projected cost again remains about the same as was reported last year. Forty-two facilities will be financed by bonds, 53 by legislative appropriated funds, 15 from general funds, 22 by federal or state grants, four by VOI/TIS sources, four units by cash in Arkansas, two units through lease revenues, private funding at one unit in Mississippi and joint funding with local counties at four units also in Mississippi. Funding sources were not specified in Connecticut, Kansas, South Carolina or West Virginia and are pending in Iowa. A shared trust in Oklahoma and COP (Certificate of Participation) funding is used in Oregon, along with special funding for its inmate work program expansion.

Requested funds have been made available in all reporting jurisdictions, with the exception of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Funds have been partially approved in Iowa, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

Site Selections

Few obstacles for constructing new facilities or expansion of current buildings were indicated. Alabama used the phrase, "Not in my back yard," while Illinois noted that local communities were failing to meet commitments concerning deferment of construction costs. BOP is confronted with environmental concerns: lack of public utilities, difficult site terrain and land availability. Repeating problems were identified only in Missouri, which faced continued Native American claims to land, and in Washington, where environmental issues were voiced. In New Mexico, all planned construction is being undertaken on state property, resulting in no siting concerns.

Alternative Housing Currently in Use

Alternative housing is in operation in 30 jurisdictions -- administered by the department of corrections in seven, nondepartment agencies in 14 and out-of-state placements in nine. This housing does not include those inmates affected by interstate compacts. Alternatives are not in use in 25 U.S. jurisdictions nor in three Canadian jurisdictions. Information is unavailable for BOP or Newfoundland. As reported, 50,027 inmates are housed in alternative sources representing 363 facilities nationwide. The types of alternative housing in use include county and local jails; work farms; tents; halfway houses; minimum, medium and maximum security facilities; work release centers; boot camps; a state police barracks; and electronic monitoring.

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SYSTEM FACILITY NAME FACILITY TYPE ALABAMA Tutwiler Prison Residential ALASKA Anchorage Jail(1) Res./Support ARIZONA Tucson Prison Complex Residential ARKANSAS Malvern Residential East Unit Support Administration Annex Support Tucker Unit Residential McPherson Unit Residential Grimes Unit Residential Pine Bluff Unit Support Various Units Support Cummins Unit Residential Pine Bluff Complex Support Pine Bluff Unit Support Diagnostic Unit/ Support Pine Bluff CALIFORNIA Admin. Segregation Residential Delano II Residential COLORADO San Carlos CF Res./Support Women's CF Res./Support Denver R and D Center Support Buena Vista CF Residential E Canon City Prison Support Geriatric Facility Residential Limon & AR Valley CF Residential CONNECTICUT Bridgeport Residential Brooklyn Residential Cheshire Residential Cybulski Residential Garner Gates Residential Hartford Residential Hartford Residential Litchfield Residential MacDougall Residential Manson YI Residential New Haven Residential Northeast Residential Northeast Residential Northern Residential Osborn Residential Osborn Residential Radgowski Annex Residential Robinson Residential Various Residential Walker Residential York Residential York/Gates Residential York/Radgowski Residential DELAWARE SCI Pretrial Annex Residential Kent County WE Residential DOC VOP Center Residential SCI VOP Center Residential GH VOP Center Residential D.C. No response FLORIDA Lowell CI Residential Apalachee CI Residential Jefferson CI Residential Desoto CI Residential Union CI Residential Mayo CI Residential GEORGIA No response HAWAII No response IDAHO NICI Residential SICI Parole Center Residential E Boise Community WC Res./Support ILLINOIS Lawrenceville CC Residential Thomson CC Residential Stateville CC Residential Unsited female prison Residential INDIANA Miami CF Residential Pendleton Juvenile CF Juvenile Res. New Castle CF Residential IOWA Ft Madison Residential Oakdale Residential KANSAS El Dorado CF Residential KENTUCKY Green River CC Res,/Support CI for Women Res./Support State Penitentiary Res./Support State Reformatory Res./Support Western CC Support LOUISIANA Allen CC Residential Avoyelles CC Residential Hunt CC Diag/Med CI for Women Residential Phelps CC Residential Winn CC Residential MAINE No response MARYLAND Training Center Residential Hagerstown CI Residential Patuxent Institution Residential Western CI Residential CI for Women Residential MASSACHUSETTS Boston Pre-release Res./Support Concord CI Residential MICHIGAN Macomb CF Residential Ojibway Facility Residential Pugsley Facility Residential Saginaw CF Residential Thumb CF Residential Ionia CF Residential St Louis CF Residential Baraga Housing Unit Residential Cooper Street CF Residential Crane Women's CF Residential MINNESOTA No construction is planned for this period MISSISSIPPI Bolivar County Regional Kemper County Regional Holmes County Regional Stone County Regional Walnut Grove Private Private MISSOURI Jefferson City CC Residential MONTANA Women's Prison Res./Support State Prison Security/Supp. Pine Hills Youth CF Res./Support NEBRASKA No construction is planned for this period NEVADA No response NEW HAMPSHIRE No construction is planned for this period NEW JERSEY Civilly-committed SO Unit Res./Program Dorm Unit Housing Warehouse addition Support NEW MEXICO State Penitentiary Support Women's CF Support Southern CF Support Central CF Support Roswell CC Support NEW YORK No construction is planned for this period NORTH CAROLINA CI for Women Residential Warren CI Residential NORTH DAKOTA State Penitentiary Residential OHIO Reformatory for Women Residential Lima CI Residential Glouster Residential Various Institutions Residential Various Institutions Residential Lebanon CI Residential Orient CI Residential Southeastern CI Residential Southern CI Residential OKLAHOMA State Reformatory Residential Bill Johnson CC Residential Joseph Harp CC Residential Jackie Brannon CC Residential OREGON Women's Prison/intake Residential Powder River CF Residential Eastern CI Residential Inmate Work Program Residential South Fork Forest Camp Residential Deferred Maintenance Residential Shutter Creek, Powder Residential River, South Fork PENNSYLVANIA No construction is planned for this period RHODE ISLAND No construction is planned for this period SOUTH CAROLINA Lieber Residential Lieber Support Kirkland Residential Turbeville Support Leath Residential Turbeville and Res./Support other sites Allendale - Industries Support MacDougall - Industries Support Industries Complex Support Unidentified Support Women's Pdson Residential SOUTH DAKOTA No construction is TENNESSEE planned for this period TEXAS No construction is planned for this period UTAH VOITIS Dorms Residential Central CF Residential Southeast Residential VERMONT No response VIRGINIA State Reformatory Residential WASHINGTON Callam Bay CC Program CC for Women Residential Monroe CC Residential Tacoma Pre-release Residential WEST VIRGINIA Western Regional Residential Tygart Valley Regional Residential Lakin CC for Women Residential Lory Julian Detention Ctr Residential No...

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