Priscilla Almodovar: chasing beloved dreams to triumph.

Author:Olguin, Kimberly

Attaining career goals is so much more enjoyable for professionals when they can pursue their passion. However, this factor doesn't always make it easier. Priscilla Almodovar's career Is 30 years In the making and she Is still challenging herself to surpass milestones.

"Find something you love to do professionally; otherwise it's just a job," she says. Almodovar lives true to her word.

Now, just seven years after joining JPMorgan Chase, she's an executive team member at one of the world's biggest financial companies. "Become an expert in what you do, and never stop learning," she Insists. It took decades of career building and dedication for Almodovar to be promoted to co-head the National Real Estate Banking Business for JPMorgan's Commercial Banking business.

Even the more humble days of Almodovar's career were a challenge. Several years ago, she was a corporate partner at a global law firm. Later on, she became president and CEO of the New York State Housing Finance Agency. Impressively, Almodovar helped the agency become the largest tax-exempt bond issuer for multi-family housing projects In each of the three years she contributed to the agency.

"Make the most out of every opportunity, even when it seems less than optimal," she says.

The results of her hard work truly reflect her effort.

The JPMorgan Chase team member joined the company by leading Community Development Banking, as she focused on economic development projects in underserved markets. "Invest time to build and maintain relationships," she says. This key approach helped her succeed at JPMorgan Chase.

Almodovar manages a team of real estate professionals tasked with providing services and products to clients. Together...

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