PRINCIPAL LOGISTICS OFFICE / US Army Deputy Chief of Staff (G-4) Logistics.


Enable a ready Army by providing and overseeing integrated logistics policies, programs, and plans in support of Sustainable Army Readiness.


Recognized as the preeminent source on the Army Stall tor relevant, value-added logistics expertise. Actively engaged in sustaining, preparing, resetting, and transforming the Nation's Army to provide expeditionary, decisive land power to the Joint Force.

The HQDA, G-4, establishes Army-wide logistics policies and procedures used by more than a quarter-million Army logisticians throughout the world. With a staff of just over 300, including many with recent experience in theater, the G-4 ensures that policies and resources are in places that are valuable to Soldiers in the field.

After more than 10 years of predictable deployment cycles, the Army is refocusing on rapid, no-notice or limited notice deployments and sharpening these skills through Deployment Readiness Exercises. Furthermore, the Army continues to rectify logistics deployment capability gaps while simultaneously ensuring fiscal responsibility is maintained throughout the process.

Among the important policies being implemented are those that will improve logistics leader development, material readiness, and the Army's ability to sustain itself in the future. Under fiscal constraints it is necessary to adapt logistics structure, processes, and policies to support the Army's return to expeditionary operations. It is imperative that logistics innovations are driven to enable agility, effectiveness, and to reduce the cost of doing business.

We must be creative, forward thinking, and bold in envisioning how we do business, and how we institute solutions. The impacts of budget...

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