Principal Logistics Office: Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support (AF/A4/7).

Position:DOD: US Air Force (USAF

Lieutenant General

Judith A. Fedder, USAF

Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support (A4L)

Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support (AF/A4/7) is responsible for management and integration of USAF civil engineering, logistics readiness, security forces, supply, transportation, and aircraft and missile maintenance. The Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, through the AF/A4/7 office, is responsible for setting policy and preparing budget estimates that reflect enhancements to productivity, combat readiness, and quality of life for Air Force personnel.



Brigadier General

Kathryn J. Johnson, USAF

Director of Logistics

The Director of Logistics (A4L) is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping more than 180,000 technicians and managers who maintain the Air Force global engagement aerospace weapons system inventory. A4L provides strategic direction for materiel and equipment management, fuels, vehicle management and operations, distribution, personal property, and passenger traffic management. The directorate also develops logistics readiness, maintenance, and munitions policy, thus ensuring the readiness of the single largest element of manpower supporting Air Force combat forces worldwide.

Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)

General Janet C. Wolfenbarger, USAF


Air Force Materiel Command is headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, and develops, fields, and sustains materiel that allows the US Air Force to remain the most capable, flexible, and dominant military force in the world. AFMC delivers...

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