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Since PRIME'S inception, PRIME UV-IR has pursued a very clear mission:To be the Leading Manufacturer of High intensity Ultra-Violet Curing Systems and IR Drying Systems for High Speed Processing Applications, and to Provide Superior Customer Support and Service, Custom Engineering and UV & IR System integration Services. Mission statements which have served our customers well with thousands of UV curing and IR drying systems successfully installed throughout the world.

PRIME UV-IR remains committed to pushing technologies forward by continually improving existing, and developing new, UV curing and IR drying systems. In 2017 PRIME introduced three new product lines and totally reengineered another.The most exciting of Primes new product offerings are PRIME'S UV LED Curing Systems.

Prime's LEDMAX UV Curing Systems MAXIMUM UV CURE POWER MINIMAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION Powerful. Efficient. Reliable. Productive.

PRIME created two UV LED Series custom engineered for two different process applications.


LEDMAX IP2 UV Series provides maximum UV cure power for UV inks and UV coatings on Sheetfed presses.With four different optic packages, PRIME'S LEDMAX IP2 UV Series guarantees delivery of maximum UV energy to the substrate through a wide range of working distances.

LEDMAX IP3 UV Series is engineered for narrow to wide web applications. Drawing upon Prime's 30 years of web experience with thousands of installations worldwide, PRIME engineered the LEDMAX IP3 UV Series to provide unparalleled cure tor high speed Web processes.

Prime's Custom designed COB's for each LEDMAX UV Series utilize latest available CHIP Technology and board material to insure superior Thermal Conductivity. All of our systems are rigorously tested to insure reliability in harsh operating environments. PRIME'S UV LEDs provide peak UV intensity (irradiance,) maximum power efficiency coupled with UV output stability.This combination insures consistent cure...

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