Priestley, Chris. The White Rider.

Author:Cox, Ernie
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

PRIESTLEY, Chris. The white rider. Trafalgar Square. 185p. c2004. 0-440-86608-1. $8.99. J

Tom Marlowe, nearing his 16th birthday, is in the midst of the violent turmoil of early 18th-century England. As the bitter and bloody conflict between the Jacobites and Loyalists to King George intensifies, a mysterious highwayman is robbing and murdering people in the outlying forests of London. Victims of these robberies report that the thief has a white skull face and possesses the power to kill simply by pointing his staff. Tom accompanies his eccentric mentor, Dr. Josiah Harker, as they examine lingering questions related to the death of an unidentified Scottish man. Their inquiry leads them to the cadaver doctors. A new veil of secrecy surrounds Tom's relationship with Dr. Harker, who Tom believes may be involved...

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