Priest, Cherie. Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

PRIEST, Cherie. Four and twenty blackbirds. birds. Tot. 285p. c2003. 0-765-31308-1. $13.95. SA

Blackbirds is a modern version of the Southern Gothic novel, with at least four and twenty standard horror elements: ghosts, scary mansions, knife-wielding heroine, maniacal cousins, inbreeding, crazy old women, insane asylums and so on. Traveling from hilltops in Tennessee to swamps in Florida, Eden Moore, the young heroine, hits the highpoints of the horror genre as she goes. Eden is the daughter of a woman put in an insane asylum to hide the fact that she is pregnant. She is raised by her aunt and her aunt's husband and by three ghosts who talk to her throughout her childhood. As she becomes a woman, she sets out to uncover her...

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