A priceless gift: how to create a company mentoring program?

Author:Goldsmith, Barton
Position:Human Resources

Do you now have or have you ever had a mentor? If so, you know you have received a priceless gift. If you have experienced the professional and personal growth that comes from a great mentoring relationship, then you will already understand the value that comes from creating your own company mentoring program.

A mentor's job is to help us maximize our potential and our performance. The good ones see things in us that we are not able to see ourselves. Had my mentors not told me I could, and helped me believe in myself and supported me in taking risks, I would not be successful.

If your company team believed that they could, and were supported to create more and better business, wouldn't you be more successful? A company mentoring program will greatly assist you in achieving that goal.

The basic premise is simple: everyone in the company has some type of a mentor. The person who has been there one day can be mentored by the person who has been there two days. The CFO can be mentored by a board member and the CEO by the chairman. The objective is to have everyone in the company supported by someone who shares the goal of helping those being mentored maximize their potential. This will bring value to your team, your clients, and help you grow your people.

Creating a good company mentoring program or even an individual mentoring relationship is a process and it takes time. If you integrate just one of the steps above (see box) every month, you will be doing well and will have a program in place in less than a year.

Mentoring: 10 steps

  1. Decide that creating a program is right for you and your company.

  2. Start small.

  3. Ask for feedback about what your team wants in the program; find out...

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