Starburst, the Presto company has unveiled core features in the Q1 release of Starburst Enterprise Presto, as well as Presto version 332, that significantly bolster Presto performance, security, and value for the data science community.

Presto was created in 2012 at Facebook by David Phillips, Martin Traverso, and Dain Sundstrom, and open-sourced in 2013. Today, thousands of companies across the globe use Presto to provide fast & interactive query performance while effectively scaling costs on big data infrastructure. Starburst was founded in 2017 to offer enterprise-grade Presto to the masses, delivering security, performance, and support at scale. Starburst employs the creators and leading committers of the open source project.

This major release combines features that have been contributed back to the open source project as well as curated for Starburst Enterprise Presto customers.

It's essential that we keep pushing the envelope on the speed of data access while expanding the security features our customers need, said Matt Fuller, Starburst Co-Founder and VP, Product. This release is heavily driven by customer demand for faster data access, while controlling who has access to what data, across every data source.

Faster data access, across all data sources


Starting with version 332, Open Source Presto now has embedded caching in response to customer demand for faster performance across frequently accessed data. While already widely deployed among leading companies for ad-hoc SQL, BI, and reporting use cases, Presto is now able to take on new use cases such as:

- Dashboarding applications that frequently refresh the same data over and over.

- Multi-cloud analytics where a table in Cloud A needs to be frequently joined with a table in Cloud B, further delivering on Starburst's promise to enable analytics anywhere.

- Querying data from an operational or OLTP database without straining the resources of the underlying mission-critical system.

Presto caching is now available in beta preview with Presto 332 for caching data from data lakes (object storage, Hadoop, etc.), while Starburst Enterprise Presto with Caching offers additional features and support, and will soon be able to cache data across any data source.

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