Presidents message.

Author:Hollein, Marie N.
Position:Conference news

Financial Executives International (FEI) is here to help you become more successful. That's the core of our mission statement, "to advance the success of senior-level financial executives, their organizations and the profession."

Let's bring that mission back to you. We help our members become more successful through FEI's four 'pillars': 1. Information (education) 2. Interaction (networking) 3. Influence (representation before legislators, regulators, and standard-setters), and 4. Integrity (ethics).

Education--It's What We Do For You

The magazine you're reading now is just one example of how we deliver the first pillar: Information to you. Information is one part of education, the theme of this issue.

As senior-level financial executives I believe you need timely information that you can use quickly. I encourage you to visit FEI Daily, at You can sign up to receive FEI Daily once-a-day, or the weekly wrap-up by email.

FEI is consistently complimented for the high quality of our national and regional conferences, and I strongly encourage you to register for our 33rd Annual Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference (CFRI) taking place November 17 and 18 in New York City. One of the longest-running national conferences of its kind, this event is the first place to learn about year-end financial reporting issues directly from standard-setters and regulators. FEI also continuously offers education in the areas of the new COSO internal control framework due to be adopted this year, fraud deterrence and detection, and other financial reporting and management topics.

A well-rounded education includes not only the latest technical, legislative, regulatory and standard-setting updates, but also a continual refresh and skill-building in what some call the "soft skills," such as communications, negotiations, strategic planning, and leadership.

FEI offers sessions in leadership, communications, and similar subject areas during our conferences, particularly our Summit Leadership Conference in the Spring, breakfast sessions and pre-conference and post-conference workshops, and other programs throughout the year.

Lifelong career education, professional development, and continuing professional education (CPE), is critically important to our members. Whether you need CPE to maintain a CPA certificate, to keep up on your current job, given...

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