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Author:Wykle, Ken

This is our almanac issue of the DTJ. I keep it on my desk as a reference and use it frequently. It contains valuable reference information: the names, contact information, and descriptions of the major military and government organizations with which our members do business. This year there are several new entries to this section: the Defense Transportation Management Office (DTMO) and the US Fleet Forces Command, for starters. The corporate member section includes company profiles and listings of key individuals. When you are seeking a particular type of service always start with this section. NDTA member companies offer a wide range of transportation, logistics, distribution, travel, and related services and are eager to share knowledge with fellow members. This is also a good reference source when seeking team members in response to a government or industry request for proposal. The last section provides a directory of the NDTA Board of Directors, National Officers, the NDTA Regional Organization, and NDTA profile. I find this section especially useful when seeking a point of contact in a specific geographical area or various types of NDTA metrics--number of individual members, corporate membership statistics, or Forum trends. Familiarize yourself with the contents of this issue and retain it as a quick reference document.

This DTJ also contains interesting short articles to reflect on the past and stimulate our interest in the future. "Patriotic Poses" depicts the power of individuals when grouped together to convey a message. Look at these photos carefully and imagine the logistics involved to capture the design. "The Design of American Heraldry" helps us better understand our history and the morale and esprit derived from the accomplishments of those who have gone before us. The article even sheds perspective on a prestigious award presented to one of our own--Wim van der Stek, Benelux Chapter, who was recently honored with Belgium's prestigious "Officer in the Order of King Leopold I." Also included is an excellent article by XIO Strategies, "State of the DOD-AIT Union." While the article points out that there are no "silver bullets," there are applications to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Early in 2008 I had the opportunity to travel to Asia with the United Seamen's Service. During the trip, I had the privilege of visiting...

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