Premier Communications Inc.

Position:Special Advertising Section: Corporate Profiles - Brief Article

Roger Otterstein, president and CEO and John Gray, senior vice president and general manager Premier Communications Inc. are working to excel where they feel many in their industry have fallen short. "In the communications industry, many companies have a poor reputation when it comes to customer service. Customer service is a word that is thrown out all the time. We have to prove that it is our top priority. 100 percent of my commitment is to customer service," said Otterstein. Four years ago, Otterstein started Premier Cellular Communications, a cellular provider representing all the majors carriers in the Colorado market. In December 2001, Otterstein created Premier Communications Inc. This CLEC, competitive local exchange carrier, provides local, long distance and DSL service to both residential and business clients in Colorado. Premier's staff boasts over 80 years of experience with leaders in the telecommunications industry. Their commitment to their customers has paid off early on. Four...

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