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AuthorGordon P. Cleary
B G P. C
This handy courtroom guide will keep you from missing any of the elements required to lay a proper foundation
and alert you to when your opponent has. The latest edition features 34 sections that have been updated with 70+ case
Some of the topics covered include—
Rule of Completeness
 
Impeachment by Prior Bad Acts
Sexual assault allegations to rebut a fabrication defense.
Civil judgments in criminal case arising from same facts.
 
Impeachment by Prior Convictions
Conviction for tampering with evidence as dishonest act under Rule 609(a)(2).
Judge reverses ruling and allows prior conviction in when defendant is in middle of testimony.
Lay Opinion Evidence
 
Testimony of police sergeant on speed of vehicle based on accident reconstruction calculations.
Expert Opinion Evidence—Daubert Consideration
Expert opinion on class action requirements; reliance on data and information provided by third parties.
 
Phone calls by defendant from jail.
 
Copies of harassing emails from father to daughter.
Text messages between man and ex-wife.
Facebook posts.
Victim’s transcriptions of text messages from defendant.
Text messages retrieved from cell phone by forensic techniques.
Types of circumstantial evidence that will corroborate identity of sender of electronic communications.
Hearsay and Hearsay Exceptions
 
Requirements for forfeiture by wrongdoing doctrine.
 
Requirements for adoptive admissions by silence.

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