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AuthorPamela Everett Nollkamper
Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures provides the tools necessary to guide you through your case whether
you’re new to the f‌ield or an experienced bankruptcy professional.
Here is a comprehensive guide to the entire bankruptcy process, including voluntary, involuntary, creditor,
and adversary proceedings. The book also lists fees, f‌iling requirements, names, addresses, and telephone
numbers for every bankruptcy court, including clerks and judges.
Also in this edition, updated and revised forms may be found in Digital Access, along with instructions on
completing each form.
The Bankruptcy Court Directory (Chapter 16) has been updated as of June 1, 2022 to include
current information for the following:
• Judges
• Clerks
Bankruptcy Administrators
Bankruptcy Trustees
• Jurisdictions
Division Off‌ices
Domestic Support Enforcement Agencies
Filing requirements and procedures
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