Preliminary Sections

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
In the latest revision to his popular book, Slip and Fall Practice, Mr. Turnbow updates, expands, and
improves his collection of techniques and tools for working up and presenting slip and fall cases. The
following sections have been modified or added:
Chapter 1, In the Beginning
• Introduction. §100
• Hazard. §112
The Victim. §121.1
The Accident. §121.2
Chapter 2, Premises Liability Law
New Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). §212.4
New Elder Abuse Statutes. §212.5
Chapter 6, Case Evaluation
New Spoliation of Evidence. §620.2.1
Status of Defendant. §630.4
Chapter 9, Production of Documents, Interrogatories and Inspection Demands
New Spoliation of Evidence. §932
New Independent Tort Actions. §932.1
New Court Rendered Sanctions. §932.2
New Adverse Inference. §932.3
Chapter 10, Selection and Use of Expert Witnesses
New Jury Instructions Regarding Expert Testimony. §1012
Chapter 19, Falls in Residences
New Falls From Windows. §1954
New Duty. §1954.1
New Duty to Maintain. §1954.2
New Parental Responsibility. §1954.3
Chapter 23, Falls by the Elderly or Disabled
New Neglect and Elder Abuse. §2311.7
New Grab Rails. §2325.4
New Chapter 25, Falls in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
Types of Accidents. §2510, et seq.
Class of Victims. §2520, et seq.
Common Hazards. §2530, et seq.
Prevention Programs. §2540, et seq.
Issues of Law. §2550, et seq.
Slip and Fall Practice
by Charles E. Turnbow
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