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AuthorRandall S. Abate

Praise for What Can Animal Law LearnFrom Environmental Law?

Professor Abate’s book provides a thoughtful and compelling answer to the question the title poses: a great deal. The book exhaustively surveys a wide range of connections between environmental law and animal law, from ethics to standing to trade in wildlife, and the chapters are both readable and provocative. The book will be an excellent resource for students and practitioners alike.

—John Dernbach

Distinguished Professor of Law; Director, Environmental Law and

Sustainability Center, Widener Law School

Always up for a challenge, Professor Abate has gathered together an impressive group of Animal Law experts and asked them to climb a very steep mountain—the one that has long stood between animal law and environmental law. For the novice, this text provides valuable basic material to introduce one to both fields. For the scholar or law teacher, it goes so much further, delving into the sources and consequences of this long-standing divide and seeking opportunities for collaboration. This is an important collection of insights whether for interested readers or as a secondary text for animal law courses.

—Kalyani Robbins

Associate Professor of Law, Florida International University College of Law

This book contains a valuable, well-written, and incisive collection of essays by outstanding...

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