Preface to the Special Issue

AuthorMatthew J. Ball,Henry F. Fradella
Published date01 May 2020
Date01 May 2020
Subject MatterIntroduction
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
2020, Vol. 36(2) 180 –181
© The Author(s) 2019
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DOI: 10.1177/1043986219894432
Preface to the Special Issue
This issue of the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice (JCCJ) is devoted to
“Emerging Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice for LGBTQ+ People.” In this
issue, we showcase strong empirical studies that explore a number of important issues
concerning how the criminal justice system interacts with people on the basis of
sexual orientation and gender identity. Specifically, Val Jenness and Julie Gerlinger
present their findings of an original study on how Californian men’s prisons shape
gender among incarcerated transgender women; Brendan Lantz reports on differen-
tial responses to same-sex intimate partner violence; Doug Meyer analyzes how
queer males perceive negative experiences with the police; Toby Miles-Johnson
offers insights into how police officers’ sexual orientation influences their percep-
tions of policing LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/question-
ing) people; and Angela Dwyer and Matthew J. Ball examine the complexities of
navigating identity and visibility for law enforcement personnel who work in
LGBTQ+ police liaison programs.1
We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of the people who served as peer
reviewers for the articles in this volume, especially since many of them reviewed
manuscripts under tight time constraints. Without the thoughtful insights the following
people shared, this volume would not have been possible: Nicole Asquith (Western
Sydney University), Tod Burke (Radford University), Alesha Durfee (Arizona State
University), Jenna Calton (George Mason University), Roddrick Colvin (San Diego
State University), Lisa Dario (Florida Atlantic University), Courtenay Daum (Colorado
State University), Bianca Fileborn (The University of Melbourne), Kate Fox (Arizona
State University), Brian Frederick (University of Gloucestershire), Heather Hlavka
(Marquette University), Matthew Jones (The Open University), Heather Littleton
(East Carolina University), Doug Meyer (University of Virginia), Barbara Owen
(California State University, Fresno), Steven Owen (Radford University), Lisa Pasko
(University of Denver), James Pickles (Sheffield Hallam University), Emma Russell
(La Trobe University), John Shjarback (Rowan University), Danielle Slakoff (Loyola
University New Orleans), Mary Stohr (Washington State University), Jace Valcore
(University of Houston–Downtown), Megan Verhagan (Arizona State University),
and Allyn Walker (Old Dominion University).
We thank Dr. Chris Eskridge, the Editor-in-Chief of the JCCJ, for his support for
this issue. And we also thank all of the people who submitted manuscripts that were
not ultimately accepted for publication. Indeed, we were fortunate to receive many
fine submissions. Space limitations, however, prevented the publication of several
pieces of scholarship that clearly are worthy of publication. Thankfully, though, Dr.
Richard Tewksbury, the Editor-in-Chief of Criminal Justice Studies, graciously offered
894432CCJXXX10.1177/1043986219894432Journal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeBall and Fradella

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