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AuthorMarilyn Helms


The Encyclopedia of Management, 5th Edition is an alphabetical reference book covering a comprehensive slate of management concepts. Last published in 2000, this fully revised work represents the latest management theories and practices. Each essay has been revised and new essays have been added to reflect the current state of management. The Encyclopedia's essays represent an authoritative treatment of the entire field of management, encompassing all the current theories and functional areas of this vast and growing discipline. For the management student, manager, business practitioner, reference librarian, or anyone interested in a better understanding of a business management term or concept, the Encyclopedia should be a first-stop for general information as well as a link to other management concepts, related terms, references, and electronic databases and information sources. It is designed to be a desk reference for everyday business management needs.

Still another use of the Encyclopedia is in a deeper understanding of one or more key functional areas of management. By using the book as a systematic or a programmed reading of entries in selected categories or cluster areas, the reader can obtain a more thorough, in-depth understanding of key functional areas of management. By reading all the essays for the terms under each heading in the "Guide to Functional-Area Readings", individuals with a limited business background, a specialty in another management functional area, or a liberal arts education background can gain a broad, general familiarity with the entire scope of the management discipline today in one easy-to-use reference source.

The field of management is an extremely broad discipline that draws upon concepts and ideas from the physical and social sciences, particularly mathematics, philosophy, sociology, and psychology. Within business, the field of management includes terms and ideas also common to marketing, economics, finance, insurance, transportation, accounting, computer technologies, information systems, engineering, and business law.

Management has applications in a wide variety of settings and is not limited to business domains. Management tools, as well as the art and science of management, find applications wherever any...

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