Preface and Acknowledgments

AuthorGregory M Stein - Michael D Goodwin - Morton P Fisher Jr
Preface and Acknowledgments
Our aim in this third edition continues to be to introduce the lawyer
who is unfamiliar with transactional real estate law to this area of
practice. Whether you are a newly admitted lawyer, a lawyer who
specializes in another type of law but handles the occasional real
estate matter, or a lawyer who is beginning to refocus on real estate
law, we hope this book will help you break into this fascinating
practice area. The real estate market has changed dramatically since
the publication of the second edition, and this revision attempts to
reflect those changes. It includes updates and revisions to the text
and appendices and several new documents. Throughout the revi-
sion process, we were attentive to comments we received from read-
ers of the previous editions, and we thank you for your advice.
We have written this book at an intermediate to advanced level.
Our assumption continues to be that most people who use it will
be working on challenging transactions that require a high degree
of skill and therefore will want a detailed and careful treatment of
commercial real estate law. Nonetheless, the lawyer who is looking
for a less comprehensive approach also can benefit from this book
by using selected sections to obtain more of an overview.
No matter how recently you graduated from law school, we
have assumed that you have a reasonably strong understanding of
real property and real estate finance law but less of an idea of how to
undertake the day-to-day tasks that commercial real estate lawyers
must perform in a practice setting. We hope this book will aid you in
closing the gap between your basic law school knowledge and your
current law practice by helping you take that basic legal knowledge
and use it productively on behalf of your clients.
For this reason, we have tried throughout to combine the prac-
tical and the academic. Toward that end, the book offers detailed
textual explanations of different aspects of commercial real estate
practice followed, as appropriate, by forms, checklists, comments,
cautions, and suggested techniques. This approach reflects our own
backgrounds: one of us is a law professor who previously practiced
at a large firm in New York, and the other two of us are lawyers
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