The past decade has featured numerous high-profile decisions,
including that of the Supreme Court in FTC v. Actavis, that have
fundamentally influenced the advice that practitioners give to their
pharmaceutical clients. The goal of this updated edition of the Handbook,
as with the first edition, is to provide a comprehensive and objective source
about the most important antitrust issues faced by the pharmaceutical
industry today.
First and foremost, the creation of this Second Edition would not have
been possible without all of those who labored on the First Edition, and
the Health Care & Pharmaceuticals Committee would like to thank the
dozens of individuals who contributed to that effort.
Special thanks are also due to co-editors Jacqueline Grise and Richard
Coe, and the Books and Treatises Committee, particularly Brandon
Bigelow and Leo Caseria, all of whom spent substantial time and effort on
creating a high-quality, useful, and accessible guide. These primary
editors were aided by numerous others, including authors who contributed
content, and editors who reviewed each chapter to ensure an objective and
balanced perspective, and who proofread, formatted, cite-checked, and
implemented edits after each round of review.
The names of the authors and editors who made this Second Edition
possible are listed below. We would also like to thank the associates,
librarians, paralegals, secretaries, and other law firm staff members who
might not themselves be named below but who provided invaluable
support to the authors and editors.
Editorial Chairs
Jacqueline Grise
Richard Coe

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