The Intellectual Property Committee of the Section of Antitrust Law
is pleased to present this second edition of the Intellectual Property and
Antitrust Handbook on one of the most interesting and complex subjects
facing antitrust practitioners: the intersection of antitrust and intellectual
property law. Long viewed as in conflict, today’s antitrust practitioners,
courts, and agencies now generally recognize that antitrust and
intellectual property laws are complementary, as they both seek to
promote consumer welfare by increasing competition and innovation.
This book is the product of the hard work of numerous individuals.
We owe special thanks to Michael J. Lawrence, Donald M. Falk and Jay
P. Srinivasan, who were responsible for marshaling the work of
numerous drafters into a unified whole and have worked tirelessly to see
this project through to completion. We also wish to thank Stephen A.
Stack, Jr. and Patrick R. Bock of the Section’s Books and Treatises
Committee for their efforts in reviewing and editing the Handbook.
Kathleen A. Sullivan also provided helpful input and comments. In
addition, we wish to that the following individual drafters who
contributed their time and expertise to the drafting of this Handbook:
Rob Hallman
Armando Irizarry
Alexander Okuliar
Richard J. Stark
Richard S. Taffet
Christopher S. Yates
Finally, the book copuld not have been completed without the hard work
of numerous people at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP and Mayer Brown
LLP, especially Jodi Arneson, Armen Adzhemyan, Peter Baumhart,
Christopher Eby, Daniel Emas, Elspeth Hansen, Lindsey Haswell,
Andrew Ho, Shannon Mader, Lilya Mitelman, Kristine Neale, Jonathan
Soleimani, Daniel Storino, and Allison Wopschall. We also want to
thank Cookie Sullivan at Dechert LLP for her word processing talents.

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