The Global Private Litigation Committee and the Trial Practice
Committee of the Section of Antitrust Law are pleased to present this
Handbook on Antitrust Class Actions, Third Edition. The class action has
taken on an increasingly important role in the antitrust world. This
treatise attempts to explore both the legal foundations as well as the
practical issues that counsel face both in bringing and defending against
a major antitrust class action.
This book is the product of the hard work of numerous individuals.
We owe special thanks to Project Chairs Melissa H. Maxman and Darryl
Anderson, who were responsible for marshalling the work of numerous
drafters into a unified whole and have worked tirelessly to see this
project through to completion. We also wish to thank Eli T. Burris and
Kay Lynn Brumbaugh of the Section’s Books and Treatises Committee
for their efforts in reviewing and editing the manuscript. In addition, we
wish to thank the following individuals who contributed their time and
expertise to the drafting of this Handbook:
Davit Akman
Melinda R. Coolidge
Janelle Davis
Francis D. Dibble, Jr.
Danyll W. Foix
Nicholas Frey
Sam Hiebendaal
Jon Lawrence
Jessica N. Leal
Michael Legg
Jodi K. Miller
Andrew J. McGuinness
Alexander R. Safyan
Bruce L. Simon
Prudence J. Smith
Nicolas J. Taylor
Laura Van Soelen
Scott N. Wagner
Nicole Williams
Olivia Adendorff
James E. DeLine
Michael A. Finio
Ross Fisher
Amanda J. Hamilton
Carolyn Hazard
Donald B. Houston
Thomas Ingalls
Lezlie Madden
Daniel Mandell
Andrew J. McGuinness
Donald Polden
David Reichenberg
Ronald F. Wick

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