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After many hours of proofreading, editing, and working with our authors, the staff of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy is thrilled to present Issue 2 of Volume 45. As with everything at JLPP, this has been a team effort. At the outset, I want to acknowledge someone who is not on our masthead this Issue: former Deputy Editor-in-Chief Jason Altabet. Immediately after graduation, Jason began a judicial clerkship, and thus had to depart from his position with JLPP before this Issue's publication. I thanked Jason in the preface to the last Issue, but I want to reiterate here what a profound impact he had on keeping Volume 45 organized and on track over the course of the academic year. He has my immense gratitude.

In addition to the editors I thanked in the preface to Issue 1, I appreciate the work of so many on our Journal's staff. In particular, I would like to thank a few more editors personally. Our Deputy Managing Editors--Mario Fiandeiro, Courtney Jones, Cole Timmerwilke, and Zach Winn--worked as hard as anyone on JLPP, double checking every sentence and footnote. Our Senior Articles Editors--Kyle Eiswald, Pranav Mulpur, Dana Schneider, and Owen Smitherman--pored over the many article submissions we received and engaged in rigorous scholarly debate about which pieces we should accept. Our Notes Editors--Ethan Harper and Joel Malkin--did their part to accommodate the significant uptick in the amount of student writing we have published this Volume. Our Deputy JLPP: Per Curiam Editors--Kevin Lie, Jamie McWilliam, and Hunter Pearl--continued to spend countless hours to turn this new component into a powerhouse. And our Special Projects Coordinator August Bruschini took a newly created role and ran with it, helping our staff situate this Volume against the backdrop of JLPP's legendary history.

We publish this Issue of JLPP on the heels of one of the most consequential terms in the history of the Supreme Court. In October Term 2021, the Court issued major rulings on hotly contested issues, such as the Second Amendment, abortion rights, and religious freedom. As America emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are at a pivotal moment in our nation's legal history. JLPP has long been the lantern of the conservative legal movement, shining a light on the path ahead by illuminating the most important debates to come. I hope that Volume 45 continues that tradition.

To that end, we are proud to share a set of essays and articles from leading...

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