AuthorWilliam A. Sullivan/Christian Teo Purwono & Partners
ProfessionLicensed Foreign Advocate in Indonesia as well as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
This book is the first comprehensive survey of Indonesias legal and reg-
ulatory regime in respect of mining. It is intended to provide a basic
reference source for business people, legal and other professional advisers,
and others interested in understanding the complex and sometimes confus-
ing regulatory environment that domestic and foreign participants in the
Indonesian mining industry face.
This book has been authored, prepared, and edited by Bill Sullivan
(BCom (with merit), MCom and LLB (University of New South Wales), LLM
(Harvard Law School), MBA and SJD (University of Sydney)), and Licensed
Foreign Advocate with Christian Teo Purwono & Partners (in association with
Stephenson Harwood LLP).
Christian Teo Purwono & Partners is a leader in Indonesian mining
law and regulatory practice. Our firm acts as Indonesian legal counsel for
a wide cross-section of foreign and domestic business interests in the
Indonesian mining industry, including mining project owners, investors,
and financiers; mining product traders; mining services providers; and
mining equipment suppliers.
Christian Teo Purwono & Partners operates in association with interna-
tional law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP, which has eight offices across Asia,
Europe, and the Middle East in Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou,
Shanghai, London, Paris, Athens, and Dubai.
This book reflects our firms current understanding only of Indonesias
legal and regulatory regime in respect of mining, which is still very much a
work in progress. Accordingly, the law and regulation summaries and detail
that follow are subject to change as that understanding develops and evolves.
Many of the points made in this book are necessarily speculative in
nature and subject to further clarification and confirmation. Accordingly, it
would be prudent not to rely solely on this book but, rather, to seek specific
legal advice with respect to any technical legal or regulatory issue related to
mining in Indonesia before making a material business decision regarding
the same. Christian Teo Purwono & Partners would be pleased to assist you
in this regard. Our contact details are set out below.

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